Music from Big Pink Lithograph


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Elliott Landy is publishing a limited edition of fine art lithographic reproductions of two of the most famous Band photographs of all time. These two photos were featured on the album jackets of The Band’s first two albums, Music from Big Pink and The Band.

The image size of the prints are aproximately 12 x 18 inches on a 16 x 22 inch sheet. The photographs are printed in antique brown tones, to have the antique, earthy feeling, which they were intended to have when Elliott took them. These are his own comments on the prints:

Finally, after I rejected proof after proof after proof, and waited so many weeks, we have perfect reproduction quality of the two images. They are just the way I wanted them to look, in the beginning, years ago, and I cannot see any difference in visual quality between the prints we will be selling and the original photographic prints. In fact, the reproductions are a bit better, as I had some blemish spots digitally retouched. I must say I am happy about it.

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